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Indoor Storage Units For Cars

storage units for carsGoing on a long vacation or just need a secure place to store an old or vintage vehicle? Our facilities offer indoor, covered and uncovered parking spaces for car storage as well as units large enough to store a car along with your belongings for extra security.

Various Size Car Storage Units

We offer indoor storage units* for cars in a wide range of sizes and features. For indoor car storage, we typically recommend no less than a 10’ x 15’ storage unit. If you wish to store a vehicle with other belongings as well, a deeper unit may be the perfect solution. Most facilities offer units that are 10’ x 30’ deep, allowing your to store multiple cars, or a mix of belongings and a car. Depending on the facility nearest you, we my also have outdoor and covered storage spaces for your vehicles.

*Please note that only the registered owner of the vehicle can sign the lease to put the car in storage, and he or she must provide proof of registration or the pink slip papers for the vehicle.

Tips for Long Term Car Storage

If you plan on storing your car for more than a couple months, you may wish to consider some of these car storage tips. Being proactive upfront may save you a lot of time and money when you wish to take your vehicle out of storage.

  • Change the oil before longer storage periods.
  • Keep it covered to keep dust off of your clean vehicle.
  • Top of the tank to help prevent moisture from accumulating.
  • Don’t use your parking brake – place a tire stop to keep the car from rolling.

If you have any more questions, please check out our FAQ section or contact us.

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